Monday, January 12, 2009

Visa Waiver Program

So, the US Department of Homeland Security issued this press release today.

All in all, it sounds like a great idea, especially if it means eliminating the stupid paper forms that have to be handed out to all visitors on the plane to be filled out, with a pen you don't have, on a postage size tray table, prior to landing.

My husband completed the online authorization form back in August, the moment it became available. And, he received the proper authorization. Fast forward to December, when we traveled to the states. He took the printed confirmation from Homeland Security with him, just to see what happened. Dying of curiousity?

Well, we landed at Newark, one of the largest airports for incoming flights from abroad and guess what - the immigration officer we spoke to said the green form was still needed as they didn't know what that electronic system was all about yet. He said he knew it was coming, but had no information on it yet. That was less than one month ago. The program has supposedly been in place on a voluntary basis since August. And yet, it was nearing the end of December and they couldn't accept that clearance?

Should be interesting to see how this all plays out.


  1. now, as of today, 12 Jan, He will have to pay 250kr, I am pretty sure... which is ridiculous. And the fact that the man in the airport did not know about the new form....god, totally par for the system!

  2. Just the word 'visa' gives me a headache. I was told I wouldn't be allowed in BECAUSE I am married to an American. Unless I can prove I have very strong ties elsewhere. Which is not as easy as it sounds. I do not want to emigrate to the US but I do want the occasional holiday. *sulks*

  3. I just read a bit more about this whole thing and while I can't find anything about anything fees involved in the program, I did find that travelers STILL have to fill out the silly green form. What is the sense in making it electronic if you still have to do the same paperwork as before?

  4. Babs - why wouldn't you be allowed as a pleasure traveler? Where's your citizenship?

  5. I really do not like the American immigration is so dysfunctional! No two people know the same information!

    When Peter and I were going through the process for him, we filled out tons of unnecessary forms.

  6. all i remember about america was that they labelled me an 'alien' in my visa. that was pretty weird.

  7. Uf. Heard about this. Was just waiting for the punchline. Another lovely reason why I'm perfectly that my family has decided to stop flying altogether.


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