Friday, September 19, 2008

Danish Radio

Danish radio is an extremely interesting mix of music, put together in a way that basically makes no sense at all. You can hear the latest hit, followed by a song in a totally different style, from a long bigone era. Most of the 'oldies' that they do stick in the rotation were popular in their day, and are often still popular in their own way. However, the song I heard the other day, doesn't really fit that bill. Sure, it was a huge hit way back when, and as a matter of fact, my brother and I saved our pennies long ago just to buy the K-tel album containing this song (one of those things I probably shouldn't admit to). But I can't say that I've missed the song in any way and I could probably have lived my life without ever hearing it again, but someone, somewhere, in Denmark, must still like this song...

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