Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Home Again

Okay so, I'm a bit behind with posting and with life in general so it seems, but alas, I am indeed back in DK, and I seem to overcome the overall feeling of jetlag that has plagued me for the past two weeks. Allow me to share a bit of my adventure from cold, wet, Denmark to hot, dry Las Vegas and back again.

The trip began on a Tuesday morning when I left Billund on plane 1...

I then arrived in Amsterdam, made my way through passport control and boarded plane 2, bound for Minneapolis, MN. This was taken somewhere between the two countries!...

After many long hours, we were finally arriving in Minneapolis...

I made my way through Minneapolis airport and finally boarded plane 3, bound for Las Vegas. Even though I had purchased my tickets approximately 5 months ago, I still ended up sitting in the 'you mean nothing to us' row near the back of the plane. I always choose window seats so I can lean on the wall; getting up normally isn't an issue, as those in the aisle seats tend to wander anyway. But just my luck, on plane 3, with my body already feeling somewhat pretzel-like, I had the pleasure of the 3-seat configuration beside a couple, bound for Vegas, that felt absolutely no need to leave their seats for the entire 3.5 hour flight. Of course, by this time, it was approximately 2:30 AM back in Denmark so I was barely conscious.

However, somewhere between the two cities, the sun set, providing this beautiful view..

Las Vegas at last! I hadn't been here in many years but I do recall that in the past, there was this feeling of giddyness upon arrival - the ding ding ding of the airport slot matchines always did it for me. But this time, not giddy, just incredibly tired and happy to be on solid ground.

I didn't notice the complete lack of humidity until day 2 of the trip. Suddenly, no matter how much moisturizer I applied to my skin, it constantly felt like I needed more. And, no matter how much water I consumed, I wanted more. It was the most bizarre feeling - and I'm sure the combination of jetlag and desert air only made it worse!

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