Thursday, February 14, 2008

How much is that Doggy in the Window?

Came out of my office one day a couple of weeks back to find this.

It was cute - had to share!

Every Dog has her Day

What was once this cute little 3 month old puppy has now become....

This big one year old puppy!

On February 12th we celebrated Zoe's first birthday, and like every deserving sweet child, she had a little birthday party. I thought of inviting every one that I knew that had a dog, but perhaps we'll save that for another year. It may be too early in my Danish life to spring a doggy birthday party on my foreign friends!

The recipe with the honey that I mentioned in my previous post? Well, here it is - Doggy Birthday Cake! Peanut butter, shredded carrots, and honey. For the frosting, cream cheese with more shredded carrots and doggeroni candles!

I'm sure she had no idea that it was her birthday, as most one year old's don't, but as proper puppy parents, it must be celebrated! We chose not to go overboard on the birthday presents, mostly due to the limited doggy toy selection at the local Super Brugsen but also, because just 2 days prior, our sweet innocent Zoe chose to claim her own form of a birthday gift. That would be the day she stole an entire homemade pizza off the kitchen counter, without knocking the pan to the floor!

Ever see what a snake looks like after it eats a rat? Then you have a good idea of just what Zoe's fat belly looked like after consuming the entire pizza. When her parents finally realized that hmmm, she was much too quiet... there was nothing but a few crumbs and some tomato sauce stains on the kitchen floor. She, of course, thought we had just left her the best treat EVER and wish to thank us profusely for our generosity. So, call it a birthday gift!

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