Sunday, August 3, 2008


We officially became a 2 doggie household yesterday! We had a 10am appt to pick up Lexi. When we arrived, Lexi and her momma were waiting for us. The lady we got her from nicely packed a box with some of Lexi's puppy food, a piece of a blanket all the pups had been sleeping on, and one of the puppy toys they had all played with. It was about an hour drive from here so we were fully prepared to make stops along the way if necessary but, even after eating breakfast, Lexi had no trouble at all in the car and slept on my lap the whole way.

Ole dropped us off at a field around the corner and went to pick up Zoe from our house. We wanted to let the two see each other away from the house first. When they came over to the field, Zoe had her normal excessive enthusiasm about a new dog and ended up scaring little Lexi - she wasn't quite prepared for this crazy labrador jumping all around her. I am happy to report that she got over that fear quickly and started to run after Zoe and get a bit braver.

We brought both of them home and they had an exhausting day! Every time poor Lexi tried to take a nap, Zoe was right there, trying to wash her, kiss her, and just get to know her new little friend. Finally, both of them were so tired they each fell over and got some rest. We usually refer to these moments as 'flat dog'!

The first night didn't go too badly. Ole got up with Lexi at about 1:15 AM and Lexi had some water at that point and then back to her crate. At 2:10 AM, I got up with Lexi and now she had 'business' to do - and wouldn't you know it, the pouring rain showed up at this point, just my luck. I opened the door and both Lexi and Zoe looked at me as if to say.. "Are you nuts? We're not going outside in that!" Ultimately this situation meant that I, too, had to go out in the rain if I wanted the dogs to follow - so off we went into a downpour. Success - peeing and pooping done! We all dried off and went back to bed. And, we all slept until about 8 AM! Woohoo!

Here is a bit of playtime we had this morning. And before you comment, yes, we do have a large mattress in the middle of a floor, and no, that's not where we sleep! We got a new bed and haven't quite figured out what to do with our other mattress, so it's covered with a sheet and has become, for the time being, a giant dog bed in the living room. :)

This is a short video of Lexi and Zoe playing a bit earlier this morning.
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