Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Little Cat, Big Bed

My name is Coal.  Long ago I lived on the street.  It was really, really cold one night.  I sat in front of a door and howled.  Patti felt sorry for me and took me inside.  Where I stayed.

I'm old.  I was neutered in 1994; you do the math.

I have extra toes.  It seems to fascinate people.  My paw can double as a spoon, which is handy.  It also allows me to lift the ball out of the track on my favorite toy. 

I have been on an airplane 2 times in my life.   I didn't much like it.

My first trip was from New Jersey to Washington.  I had 2 brothers and a sister with me, but the airline wouldn't take all 4 of us on the same flight, so I had to fly out on the first plane and sit in Washington waiting for the rest to arrive.  It was a long day in a small box.

The new apartment had carpeting.  I liked that.

My second trip was from Washington to Denmark.  I shared a crate with Oscar.  He pee'd on me.  It wasn't a pleasant trip.

The new house is big but it doesn't have carpeting.  Slippery!!  I had to learn how to walk again. 

I'm basically an indoor kind of guy.  I wander outside now and then, but I get confused.  One day I jumped out the bathroom window.  Things outside made me nervous.  I ran up a tree.  Patti eventually convinced me to go back inside.  When I go outside now, I only go to the terrace or the driveway.  I like to roll over and scratch my back on the cement.  If you catch me out there, I will immediately run back inside.  Can't take any chances (see cold night above).

Sometimes I think I'm a dog.  This is why I sleep on the doggy bed.  This is also why I ignore my own water bowl and drink from the big bowl.

Today I was in the kitchen when the tall guy served food for the two big black slobbery ones.  I stuck my head in Lexi's bowl and started to eat her food.  She was confused.

Mission accomplished.  I will go back to sleep now.
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