Tuesday, December 18, 2007

War in Viborg?

So, it was Sunday. My wonderful hubby was in Athens, Greece for business and I decided to do my capitalism deed for the day and go shopping! I love December - shopping exists on Sunday in Denmark in December!!

For those who are not familiar with the laws concerning stores in Denmark, the rule is, they are never allowed to actually be open. Okay okay, maybe SOMEtimes they are open, but never when you need them, and never when anyone who actually has time to shop can go shopping. On the average Saturday, you know that day when you don't have anything to do and have time to shop, you'll be hard pressed to find a store open past 1 pm. Now perhaps that's fine for most, but we tend to be late sleepers, or more accurately, while we may be awake, we are not showered, dressed and presentable for the general public.

But.. come December.. weeee... Jul is in the air and the Søndagsåbent signs go up all over Denmark. Truly a joyful time of year!

Off to Viborg I went, and I shopped. It is my firm belief that if I ever hope to see stores open at more reasonable shopping hours that I must always attend said stores when they are open at unusual times. We have the same philosophy about particular products we would like the stores to continue to carry. For example, Rema 1000 had good old Lay's potato chips on sale, so we bought some. Okay, we bought a whole case of them. But now they know people will buy them so hopefully (fingers crossed) they will continue to carry them. Every other potato chip sold in Denmark is burned and just odd tasting - so the Lay's thing is kind of important to me.

Okay, okay, okay. Making a short story long here! Anyhoo.. driving home from Viborg, this is the view I have in front of my car...

Ummm.. what is that - a tank? Well that's what I thought it was, and there were 3 of them, and a big army truck. My husband tells me it's a PMV - whatever that is. It's not every day you pull up behind a bunch of vehicles who appear to be heading straight for the front lines. Perhaps they were charged with keeping the shopping throngs in order? Could be - Bilka can get a bit crazy on a Søndagsåbent day!


Yesterday the temperature never went above freezing and it just made everything look soooo cool. All the trees, grass, etc., had this nice layer of white frost. Very pretty.

But the coolest thing I could find, in a frozen state, definitely has to be this:

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