Friday, July 25, 2008

These are a few of my favorite things...

No, this won't be about dogs biting or bees stinging, but rather about a few items that I greatly miss from the good ole US of A.

Yep, Hershey's Syrup! You know, the gigantic size bottle that lasts for a long, long time and is always right there when you need it. Oh sure, Denmark has chocolate toppings for your ice cream, but they sell them in these tiny little toothpaste tubes that are gone much too quickly - where is the industrial size Costco container of chocolate sauce? Don't these people have a love of chocolate on everything?

Ahh Lipton! My obsession with iced tea is well known to friends and family. But it can't be just any iced tea - it MUST be this particular type of Lipton Iced Tea - the one with that awful cancer causing substance (only in laboratory rats apparently). Yes, it's saccherine. When I packed my container in November of 2006 for the great move to Denmark, I first called my local grocery store and ordered caseloads of this stuff. I must have it. I purchased 48 bottles of powder (4 cases) and had them loaded up with all my belongings. Now a crisis is arising; I have just opened my last case. There are exactly 9 bottles remaining. What's a girl to do?? I have weighed a full case; it's approximately 14 lbs. so if I can last until my next trip to the states, I should be able to bring along an empty suitcase to fill it with more iced tea. It would weigh less if I took the tea mix out of the glass containers and put it instead in ziploc bags or something, but I fear they would then think I was smuggling drugs in my tea!
And, that brings me to my next item. Ziploc bags. Specifically, freezer bags. On the bright side, I have begun to see some ziploc style bags in the stores. On the downside, they are sold as "airline travel bags" - the quart size for carrying toiletries - not really what I had in mind! And most definitely, not at the price I had in mind. But things do eventually make their way here, so here is hoping for some 'zipper' style bags, for the freezer, and soon!

Ahh, A1 - it is, after all, 'how steak is done'! The danes LOVE their sauces. You haven't seen a display of Knorr sauce until you've been to Bilka. Therein lies a floor to ceiling tower of sauce mix - Bernaise, Bretagne, Hollandaise, Grøn Peber, etc. However, for the most part, these are butter based sauces, meant to be poured all over your meat and potatoes like a brown sauce. This, my friends, is not steak sauce. If you want a steak sauce, the closest you can come is either whiskey sauce, red wine sauce, or HP sauce. HP isn't cutting it for me. Tried the whiskey and red wine sauces too - again, not quite what I had in mind. So, one time while I was in the states, I brought back a small bottle of A1. All was well in my steak world.

However, one day Ole decided to try said sauce, and misunderstood the concept. He poured it all over everything as he would with his beloved Bernaise sauce - and there went my bottle. Therefore, on the most recent trip, it became necessary to buy two large bottles. One is now gone and I'm hoping that bottle #2 will indeed last until the next trip to the states. Perhaps, some Bilka buyer will be brave and suddenly decide to carry it for me - a girl can dream!

Lastly, Infusium 23 Leave-In Treatment. This product did have a starring spot in my missed items. However, that is past tense. As it goes in the cosmetic world, the true makers of this product were bought out by one of the large conglomerates, who, of course, changed the formula. Now, the formula still does wonders for the hair, don't get me wrong, but the problem lay elsewhere. The problem - and it's one that is highly annoying to me - is that Infusium now stains white clothing! It took me over a year to figure out that this was the product causing all these mysterious dots on my white clothes. The reason it took so long was that the change in formula coincided with my move to Denmark, and I had purchased a few bottles prior to moving. I blamed the laundry detergent, my washing machine, the new hair care products I had purchased here - everything except my treasured, much loved, hair-saving Infusium. I was wrong on all of it - sniff - it's the Infusium and so my search has begun for another leave-in treatment that works as well. WAAAAAH!

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