Saturday, November 15, 2008


As the holidays are drawing near, I am back in the kitchen doing some baking. I don't particularly like cooking, but baking I do enjoy! Something about all that good smelling stuff coming out of the kitchen makes the house all 'hyggelig' and makes those dark days seem not quite so dark.

This morning I tried Kelli's sopapilla cheesecake. It's done, but we haven't yet tried it but I have to say it certainly looks good! It just seemed a bit heavy to have immediately after eating our scrambled eggs :)

But, the point of this post is that I wanted to share an extremely helpful site that I found awhile ago. This site is awesome - someone took the time to translate the names of all sorts of ingredients from English to all the Scandinavian languages, and to Russian. So, here's the link:

Multi-lingual Food Glossary

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