Sunday, July 20, 2008

It's a small world after all

We've had a house on our street that's been for sale for quite some time, and then we noticed it had been sold. Over the last couple of months we have seen a guy coming and going, cutting the lawn, etc., but he appeared to be alone.

Then, about a month or so ago, Ole was out walking Zoe and saw some children playing soccer with a man. That's not news - what is news, however, is that he was sure he heard them speaking English - American English. So we started to wonder if perhaps this could have something to do with the house that had been sold?

I love dogs, and I love to see Zoe play with other dogs, so much so that if I'm out walking Zoe, and spot a dog somewhere, I will alter my route so that we can say hello to said dog. Or, if we're out at the hundeskov getting close to leaving, and I see a dog coming in, or hear a dog on another trail, we are no longer leaving. This behavior has led Ole to calling me a dog stalker.

With this behavior in mind, it suddenly became my mission to find out who exactly had moved into this home on our street. So, that meant we had to walk past the house on our evening walks so that I could either run into these English speaking children, or simply get another clue to the mystery.

Clue #2 - Pontiac TransAm parked in the driveway. This is not a car you see often in Denmark. In fact, I'd go so far as to say, pretty much never. And, on the driver's side in the bottom corner of the windshield, there lay a few stickers - this is how many states in the US display the car's registration. I was on to something!

A few days later, out with Zoe again, I saw and heard the two little girls. By this time, I just had to know! So I walked over to them and asked them if I had heard them speaking English and indeed they were. They told me that at the moment, they were just visiting, but that they were moving here in 2 weeks. Weeee! I now had facts, even if those facts did come from an 8-year old source! (my guess on the age).

The bike trail that we typically walk on runs right behind said house. And we were out walking with Zoe again one evening a few days later. We ran into one of Zoe's doggie friends so Zoe and Molly were running around chasing one another as we chatted with Molly's dad. As we chatted, we hear a very loud 8-year old yelling.. "Look, Mom! There's the husband of the woman I told you about." And from that, we officially met our new American neighbor - an American, from Alabama, married to a Dane.

Seriously, what are the odds in this world that two American women, married to Danes, would end up residing not only in the same small town in Denmark, but on the same street!

It's fun, it's exciting, and it just proves, the world isn't quite so big after all.
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