Sunday, March 1, 2009

Doggie shoes and elephants

So, what have I been up to?

Last weekend, off we went to the hundeskov as usual, and after about 10 minutes there, we saw that we were following a little blood trail through the snow. Unfortunately, that trail of blood was coming from Zoe's back toe - she had cut open the pad on her pinkie toe and it was bleeding quite a bit. Without being able to study the damage there and not wanting it to get any worse, we cut our trip short and headed home.

We washed out the paw as well as we could and then attempted a makeshift doggie bandage to give it some time to heal without getting any dirt in it. We wrapped the paw in some bandages and then put an old sock on her foot. But between Zoe running around and Lexi thinking that thing on Zoe's foot must be a new toy, the bandage didn't last long.

At that point, we decided that perhaps with all the salt they put on the roads here, it was time to give in and purchase a pair of doggy shoes for each pup. We weren't sure what sizes to buy so we only ordered one pair for each dog until we could see how big, or small, they actually were. The shoes arrived Wednesday. I put the shoes on Zoe's back feet, she kicked around for a bit, and then settled in - I think she realized they were actually quite comfy with the fleece lining and all.

Lexi was another story. I decided to test hers on her front feet and in doing so, witnessed possibly her funniest doggy moment to date. Promptly after having her shoes put on, she kicked up both feet, then attempted to walk. You know the old russian military footage where they kick the foot straight out before setting it down - Lexi could've joined a marching band the way she was strutting around here! I was doubled over in laughter. When I finally settled down, I removed their shoes for the time being. But now, if a bandage becomes necessary, or if the roads are freshly salted, we're covered!

So that's the doggie shoes. As for the elephants...

Ole is sitting at his computer and just muttered the phrase...

"Damn elephant, you're supposed to sprinkle fairy dust."

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