Tuesday, October 2, 2007

Doggy Forests!

One of the absolute best things that I have found in Denmark is the Hundskovs, which translates roughly to Doggy Forest! What an absolutely brilliant idea! These are parcels of forest land that are completely fenced in. There is a gate at each entrance and the whole idea is that you go there with your dog, take the dog off the leash and just let your dog go wild running, sniffing, jumping, peeing and all those other wonderful doggy activities.

We have a very nice doggy forest about 5 miles or so from our house and there is a crowd of 'regulars' that we try to connect with as often as possible. There is no better way to completely exhaust Miss Zoe than to let her run loose with 3-4 other dogs. From the moment we pull into the parking lot she knows exactly where she is; she bolts out of the car directly to the gate and waits for us slow human types to catch up. Open the gate and woosh.. she's gone, off in search of other 4 legged creatures with which to connect and sniff.

Now, you must understand.. Zoe has a particular love for mud, glorious mud! We think she's trying to turn herself in to a chocolate lab, rather than a black lab...

Now if you're the owner of the white dog, at this point you have to be thinking.. who is this creature and what are they getting my precious white dog into?? MUD!

But, there's not only mud, there are other dogs to play with - and Miss Zoe loves to play with other dogs..

But alas, when all is said and done, Zoe comes home, gets a bath, and returns to her favorite spot on the back of the couch... (perhaps she learned this from the cats).

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