Friday, May 1, 2009

On the mend....

I had a great visit with Patti today and was AMAZED at how great she looked! You would never know that she had major surgery only 3 days ago if you saw her today! She was happy and positive and in my opinion, back to the Patti we all know!

So I started thinking..... how can she be recovering so fast?! Is she really THAT tough?! And then I looked around at where I was! The Viborg Regional Hospital PATIENT HOTEL! She has her own private room, complete with a tv, private bathroom and internet connection, plus the ability to come & go as she feels up to it! The nurses are on site, ready for whatever the recovery patients need. There is a great little "cafe" set up for the patients, complete with a balcony to enjoy the Danish springtime while you eat, and there is even a MONORAIL to transport you across the street to the hospital should you need it! It looked like something from Disneyworld!

So I got a first hand view of the Danish health care system.... and I must say, I AM IMPRESSED!

And just to show Patti´s mom and her growing fan base that she REALLY IS doing great, we had the woman in the HOTEL reception take our picture this afternoon! See..... I told you...SHE LOOKS GREAT! :o)

Hopefully she will get to go home Monday! And on that note ...a message to all you Jutland-dwelling ex-pats... We are going to organize a MEAL DELIVERY PLAN for Patti and Ole after she goes home, so if you want to participate, email me or contact me on facebook (both contacts are on my blog )

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