Friday, May 1, 2009

On the mend....

I had a great visit with Patti today and was AMAZED at how great she looked! You would never know that she had major surgery only 3 days ago if you saw her today! She was happy and positive and in my opinion, back to the Patti we all know!

So I started thinking..... how can she be recovering so fast?! Is she really THAT tough?! And then I looked around at where I was! The Viborg Regional Hospital PATIENT HOTEL! She has her own private room, complete with a tv, private bathroom and internet connection, plus the ability to come & go as she feels up to it! The nurses are on site, ready for whatever the recovery patients need. There is a great little "cafe" set up for the patients, complete with a balcony to enjoy the Danish springtime while you eat, and there is even a MONORAIL to transport you across the street to the hospital should you need it! It looked like something from Disneyworld!

So I got a first hand view of the Danish health care system.... and I must say, I AM IMPRESSED!

And just to show Patti´s mom and her growing fan base that she REALLY IS doing great, we had the woman in the HOTEL reception take our picture this afternoon! See..... I told you...SHE LOOKS GREAT! :o)

Hopefully she will get to go home Monday! And on that note ...a message to all you Jutland-dwelling ex-pats... We are going to organize a MEAL DELIVERY PLAN for Patti and Ole after she goes home, so if you want to participate, email me or contact me on facebook (both contacts are on my blog )


  1. Thanks, Kelli. She looks great! We were able to talk with her yesterday so we feel better.

  2. She looks really good. Im pretty amazed by the speedy recovery.

  3. Wow. I can't believe how good she looks. :)

  4. I'm so used to facebook...was looking for a little button so I could "like" the post! LOL!

    Yay for fast recovery!

  5. Yeah Patti go! She looks wonderful! And thank YOU dear sweet Kelli for being such a good friend to Patti... Lucky for you guys I don't live in Denmark though as me and food and a recovering patient... well, I don't like to think of the consequences, do you? ;-)

  6. Patti, you are amazing! Glad you are recovering so quickly. Kelli, thanks for the updates!

  7. I am SO thankful you are recovering so well, Patti! You have been in my thoughts and prayers...

    But isn't it amazing how well you have been taken care of by the Danish health system, and then compare that to the care you would have gotten here, for like $100,000.

    And thank you, Kelli, for taking such good care of her!

  8. Wonderful to see Patti smiling, and Viborg hospital sounds wonderful!

  9. Colin likes this, thumbs up!

    Oops, I thought I was on Facebook as well, for a moment!

    Glad to see Patti looking so well. I haven't been in a Danish patienthotel but we spent a few days in one in Norway after our first kid was born and it was a very positive experience.


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