Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Would you take a look at those melons!

No, not THOSE melons - get your minds off the body and into the produce section.

The good old canteloupe to be specific. (Reminds me of one of my dad's all time favorite jokes.. "Canteloupe tonight, pop's got the ladder!")

Back to the melons. Canteloupe is plentiful in the US. This is the canteloupe I'm used to seeing:

However, everytime I see something that looks like that picture in a Danish supermarket, it's not a canteloupe, it's a galia. Since I'm not a big produce buyer, I can't say that I've ever eaten a galia and therefore, have been hesitant to purchase said melon. I've heard of them, but that's about all.

Now this search for canteloupe has been going on for awhile. I always check what's there, and they are always all labeled 'galia', so I try again next time.

Lo and behold, upon entering SuperBrugsen late last week, I checked and again and there, among the usual galias, were some melons with a sticker clearly indicating that these were indeed 'canteloupe'. They looked like this:

Hmm. So I had a little internal debate in the grocery store. Doesn't look like a canteloupe. SAYS it's a canteloupe. Price seems okay, do I try it anyway? What if I buy them and it's not something I like? Is this going to be another grocery experiment that sits in my fridge until I just throw it out? But I really, really want a canteloupe. Smells like canteloupe. Okay, Okay, I'll give it a shot. So I bought two.

YUMMY! It appears the Spains do indeed know how to grow canteloupe and while it may look a bit different on the outside, the inside is just right and quite tasty. Now that I've found them, I'm sure on the next trip they won't be there any longer.
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