Saturday, August 9, 2008

Help Me!

I'm being overwhelmed by incredible cuteness!





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Don't Get Up

Ahh the life of luxury...


Don't overwhelm yourself and waste energy standing up to eat!

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Olympic Coverage

Last night was the opening ceremonies and I guess, for the most part, it doesn't really matter which language it is. Not really sure that I liked the early afternoon start time though! When you grow up in the US, the Olympic coverage you see isn't typically live coverage, depending, of course, on which time zone the games are being held. The US caters their coverage to the advertisers - the network has to cover all the costs of actually covering the games! What this means is that, although we like to pretend things are happening as we see them, more often than not, it happened hours ago and is being broadcast for the US market in primetime.

There are some that do believe everything should be shown live, but now that I am actually having to watch events live, I must say that I prefer the USA's nicely packaged version of the games. Had I been working yesterday, rather than enjoying a week off, I would have missed the opening ceremonies, because they began at 2:08 pm in Denmark.

I like gymnastics. But, of course, the US men's team was in the first rotation for the qualification round. What this meant for me was that if I wanted to see the US in the qualification round, I had to get my butt in front of the TV at 6 AM. Ewwww.

Getting up early isn't really a problem for me most of the time. The problem comes in getting up early and then plopping down in front of the TV. My normal routine means I plop in front of the internet, which is interactive, and therefore, assists me in waking up and starting my day as I suck down my coffee. The TV on the other hand, is passive. Had the commentary been in English, it would have been a bit easier for me, but in Danish, at 6 AM, wooowee that was tough.

It is events like these that make me miss American TV. I like getting the full explanations of why a particular gymnastics move was good or bad. I want to see the little computer animations of the 'perfect' double-twisting, triple-flip, Russian-dude named move. I want to see the interview and clips of the gymnastic phenom training back home. I want all that! It's quite difficult at 6 AM to attempt to comprehend 2 Danes talking about what's going on - thank goodness the scores themselves were posted on screen!

Well, the good news is that the American men did win their qualifying round. I think it's the top 8 teams that move on to the team event, so I guess we still have to see how the other teams do. If I were watching on NBC, I'm sure Bob Costas would've already explained how it all works, and how the new scoring system works, but since I'm not, I suppose I will spend the next hour doing internet research to figure it all out!
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