Monday, January 12, 2009

Fish out of water?

I have spent the last several hours thoroughly immersed in expat blog world. It's a strange thing really. Before I moved here, I did try to find some blogs of Americans who had journeyed to Denmark so I could hopefully gain a bit of insight into what I was getting into. Either I was a terrible googler back then, or the blog world has grown by leaps and bounds, or a bit of both.

My google reader is beginning to explode with unread entries for blogs not only in Denmark, but in Germany, Sweden, Norway and around the world. I am addicted. I think the Scandinavian nations are closest to my heart, most likely because I can relate; I think many of the customs of Norway and Sweden are the same that are observed in Denmark, and I love reading them all.

I would list my favorites, but I fear I would leave someone out and then I'd have that overwhelming guilt!

My latest reading marathon began when another expat blogger, LadyFi, posted something about Strange Shores, and I felt myself yearning to participate.

I sent off an Email early this morning without even thinking about the date. Then I checked our host's blog, PaddyK, this evening and voila, there I was - how exciting!! And then, as is usually the case, one referenced post led to another, and another, and before I knew it, hours had gone by!

So, if you dropped by to read about chimney sweeps, hopefully you'll pull up a chair and stay awhile and enjoy all my other adventures.

And the chimney guy? There's a follow-up to be found here.

Feel free to drop by any time, and thanks for visiting!


  1. Hi Ping/Patti - I found you on the "Blogs Around The World" site & really enjoyed reading a bunch of your posts! New Years in Denmark sounds really fun & I loved the chiminy sweep story. I'll be back!

  2. girl, I know EXACTLY what you mean...
    if you miss your Google Reader ONE DAY, you are WAYYYYY behind! LOL

  3. What's a google reader? Do I have one?

    Oh dear, I must be dreadfully behind. Yet more technological advances. AND I am still using internet explorer. Firefox is scary.

    I love expat blogs too. I LOVE them. I have wayfarers blood or something, but I cannot relate to people who are 'settled'. There is something a bit odd though, about us that would be strangers, and I think the blogging that goes on about it is a great help.

    If you've ever been the kid who has moved from town to town and school to school you know that there is very little difference being an expat. We'll tend to find the others who know what it feels like to feel okay about the way we are, LOL.

  4. Ooh same here, I always check my Google Reader daily like a doctor's prescription :)


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