Thursday, January 22, 2009


Ole: Cologne, Germany - furniture fair
Me: Karup, DK - bored

Yep, he did it again, he went away on business. It doesn't happen that often, but it still stinks. Oh sure, I do it to him too, but it's no fun to be the one left at home.

Strange really. I lived alone for a very, very long time. Enjoyed it too. I'll give you one little tidbit about our relationship. People sometimes ask me how I knew he was 'the one'. It was easy. He was visiting me for a week, when we still just 'friends' and when he left, I missed him. That sealed the deal. My apartment felt empty after he'd gone back home. It was the most bizarre thing ever for me. Why? Well, typically, even if I had a date and really liked the guy, I still wanted him out of my apartment after just a bit of time. It was MY space - I like you, now get out. So yeah, having the place suddenly feel empty after this one got out made me realize that this was different - I didn't want him to get out - I wanted him to stay forever. So it sealed the deal in my mind and there you have it.

Back to now, present tense, deadly quiet, bored. Wish I could be at the furniture fair wandering the convention center looking at all the cool stuff I could maybe, someday, put in my house. Sigh.

Guess I'll go to bed.


  1. I know exactly what you mean. Thomas goes away on business to these 'fairs' quite often too. What line of work is Ole in? It might be the same as Thomas.

  2. you should have gone with him! Cologne is an incredible city!!!

  3. Aw, you should have come with him. I would've shown you around Cologne. It's a great city! :)

  4. He'll be back soon... In the meantime, who is that handsome dog? Is she or he yours?

  5. That particular pup is my youngest girl Lexi - 7 months.

    Her mom is a Golden Retriever and her dad is a Black Labrador. After the pups were born (with 1/2 looking like shepards) they determined that the daddy dog was 1/4 shepard.

  6. Paula: he works for a small furniture factory - futons, etc

    Kelli: I wanted to but couldn't get away from work !

    Spotted: Next time!


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