Friday, June 25, 2010

Can you read my mind?

You're probably thinking, "who is this woman in my reader list?" And that would be perfectly understandable as I seem to be as rare as an overstock in a Danish grocery store.

I have been blogging.
I blog all the time.
In the shower.
In my head.

The mere absence of actual words on a screen should not discount all the great posts I have written.

In my head.

Perhaps one or two will be coming to a screen near you!


  1. I know what you mean. I also compose blog posts in the middle of the night.
    Good to see you come back.

  2. Very funny! Hope those brilliant blogs make it to my screen...

  3. Ok, ready and waiting......
    oh wait, I shouldn't just sit at my screen waiting, should I?
    Especially since you will be here in about 5 hours for dinner!

  4. My god, the number of BRILLIANT blog posts I've written in the shower... then I go get my coffee and check my mail and Facebook or run to Danish class and then something else happens and I think "Oh ho! This will make a brilliant blog post" and then write another one in my head (I've even hugged myself with glee over a post I've written in my head) and then it's dinner time and I'm running about thinking "someday I should totally film myself making dinner because this is hilarious!" and then we eat and get a bit drunk on what is quickly becoming intolerably old wine (some wines age, some do NOT) and then it's bed time and I still haven't written a single freaking brilliant post!!

    Damn, I should post this comment as a blog post!!

  5. Right, after last night at Kelli's, I figured I better check out your blog. And ME LIKE! Will be checking in regularly :-)


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