Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Get out that Dyson!

Something in this house is shedding and in this case, it's not a 4-legged creature. Well, they're still shedding too, but now something new is shedding!

Today when I got in the shower and went to put shampoo in my hair, my scalp was so tender that I couldn't even rub in the shampoo, and I said to myself.. this is it, this is the moment that I freak out.

I rinsed out the shampoo and then started running my fingers through my hair to figure out whether or not I was right on this one and voila, there it was. It has officially begun - my hair is falling out! EEEEK!

When they told me it would start 2 weeks after treatment, no one mentioned that it would be exactly 2 weeks to the hour - these treatments really should come with better warnings, or at perhaps they should just hand you a ticking time bomb and tell you that when it explodes, so shall your hair!

So I spent most of the afternoon sitting at my desk picking at my hair. It's fascinating and freaky and I'm completely obsessed with it at the moment.

When I was about to leave work, someone said 'Don't pull all your hair out!", and then followed-up by saying, "It's not every day you can say that to someone and mean it literally!"

Ole's in Poland this week and I told him when he booked the trip that I was going to lose my hair while he was away. Right again! Hope I'm not totally bald by Saturday when he gets back.

Oh well, I've got my caps ready! But I really hope I look more like this:

... then this!


  1. Oh boy. I guess you can start dressing your head for the season- bright scarves for summer, light woolies for autumn, heavy woolies for winter.. or wigs! Those would be fun! You can do the femme fatale long black locks, or go blonde, or red! What an endless variety!

  2. I hate that Ole is gone this week....and so am I!! Hang in there, and find the cutest hats and scarfs possible and buy them all!!!! see you VERY soon!

  3. I vote for the Israeli instead og the Conehead. Always loved those coneheads though! I have seen some pretty stylish cancer patients on the street - people are getting really creative with the scarves compared to ten years ago!

  4. That must be very disturbing to lose part of yourself like that. But remember it WILL grow back.

  5. LOL 'Questions, comments, snide remarks?'

    Two weeks to the hour is pretty weird. But yeah, it will grow back. A friend of mine who went through the treatment and lost her hair found it grew back even stronger :)

  6. I remember when my grandma lost her hair...she just had fun finding new scarves to wear with her outfits.

    Hugs to you....

  7. The good news is one of my friends grew hair back that was thicker and healthier than before - she just felt it was a rather extreme way of accomplishing it. Of course you can also just say, 'to hell with it' and shave it all off now - or do a #4 or 5 before it looks too straggly. I think it's when it gets really thin people get a bit down about it. At least it's summer now so you won't freeze!

  8. Well, either your hair has done a pretty good job about hiding the shape of your skull or you're not going to end up looking like a cone-head. :)

    I think bald can be beautiful, I wanted to shave off my hair when I lost 1/3 of it, but my husband would have none of it, so I settled for wearing hats and scarves and looking like Gollum for the longest time.

  9. Maybe all your blogging friends could shave their heads to show our support. Ummm... Kelli, you first. :) I love your positive attitude, that alone will get you through this. :)

  10. Just think of all the money you will be saving on shampoo, conditioner, dyes, and all other sundry hair related stuffs! I'm always threatening to shave my head, but that would only add another place for me to sunburn!!


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