Saturday, May 9, 2009

Two Dogs and a Lake

This was actually filmed back in early March - as you may be able to tell by the fact that we are wearing parkas! It was a sunny, gorgeous day so we took the dogs out for a swim - which they absolutely loved.

We were like proud parents when Lexi decided to actually go for it and swim! Now when we get to the lake, she's in the water before we're even fully out of the car!

Zoe LOVES to swim - and roll in the sand!


  1. Lovely video! Your dogs are like our dog - he just loves swimming and often takes himself off for a swim by himself! (Naughty dog!) So, if he's missing from the garden, then we know where he is.

  2. *lol*
    The dogs look as if they have so much fun! But I can just imagine the amount of sand you have in the car after a trip to the lake.

    My dog, Lia, sticks to the old Danish children song about beach safety (you can ask Ole to sing it for you), and never goes further out than her navel, but I'd love for her to take a swim and burn off some of that excess energy she has. :)

  3. Zoe is HILARIOUS! I've never seen a dog roll in the sand like that EVER!

  4. Your Pups are adorable!

    Also, I've been reading from Kelli all about your surgery and I'm glad everything went well... :)

  5. Cute video!! Loved how Zoe rolled herself in the sand after each that was fun in the house when you got home...brought the beach home with her!!! Lexie does what the son of Heidi use to do, we'd throw the stick, Heidi would swim out and get it and Kim (her son) would wait by land and grab it as she got closer and come to us with the stick like- look what I did!!!! Hahahaha!! Your dogs would have a blast here on our island...but I recommend swimming on a warmer day...sounded and looked mighty cold!!!


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