Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Run for the border..

No, we didn't go to Taco Bell, but come to think of it, that would be pretty cool too!

This past weekend, in my continuous effort to limit my computer time, we decided to head for the border, as in the German border. I find just a trip to the Citti market is exciting as there is way, way, more product selection in Citti than there is in your average Danish grocery store. I honestly cannot say whether Germany exists beyond Flensburg, as that is the furthest I've ever wandered into Germany, and I'm not sure it really counts, since it used to be Denmark there, but anyway...

Here is one thing that I think is really, really cool about the parking garage there:

I happened to have brought along the non-lady of the family, so we didn't park there, but still!

Now we've ventured down to Flensburg before, but this time, something new and exciting awaited our arrival - something that solidified the fact that we were going to get in the car and go...

Woohooo! Not really sure how the "J" became a "K" but who cares - it's the same place! Sort of.

You know how at TJMaxx you find rows and rows of stuff that isn't really all that organized but has those wonderful little red stickers where the price has been slashed ridiculously low and you suddenly buy things you never knew you needed? The German version wasn't quite as bountiful. There were red stickers, but they haven't quite learned yet just how far I expect them to discount things! Since we'd made the trip, I scoured every aisle as I was definitely taking something home with me - no matter what. I did finally find two nice throw pillows with removable covers for only 5 Euro each, and given the fact that Lexi went through a pillow chewing phase, some new pillows were needed. I bought some other things as well, but given that one of those things is for someone who reads this, nah nah nah nah, I'm not telling!

After shopping to the 'Maxx' we wandered out to the shopping street, but didn't stay long there. Then we spent an hour or two wandering through Citti grocery, grabbing yummy things I can't find here. I bought a few cans of stuff that looked like good lunch food, like canned ravioli and tortellini. These cans have since confused Ole a bit - he thought I bought them as a side-dish for dinner but couldn't quite figure out what to do with them. The fact that they happened to be Weight Watchers brand (not for any reason other than it looked good, lol!) and therefore the can said "4 points" on the side, led to even further confusion. And all that confusion led him to not prepare that as a side dish the other night - so that's a good thing.

Our original plan was to get Ole's coca-cola at Citti market, but they were sold out (note to all - do not attempt to buy Coca-cola over the border on a Danish holiday weekend!). Eventually, since the coca-cola is as necessary to Ole as iced tea is to me, we stopped at the border store and loaded up the car before finally heading home.

Tried one of those things that I DID buy as a side dish last night, and it was very tasty. We weren't sure about it, so had only purchased one of that variety, which means before long, I'm going to insist on another run for the border. Weeeeee!


  1. We are heading for Sweden when Stig gets home to do some cheap shopping ourselves...I miss Super Walmarts on every corner...hahahaha..

  2. Don't you just love Citti? We head there about once a month. There's cheaper soda at the crazy flags/lights/circus looking store right off the main road as you are leaving Flensburg. If you need the name let me know and i'll write it down the next time we go. Oh, Citti also has amazing stuff in their little bakery/deli counter near the main entrance. mmmm, I should make a grocery list. :) Sounds like you're up and feeling good!

  3. Yeah, when I was a child, Germany always meant sweets, crisps, nutella and soft-drinks and little else, except people talked funny. :)

    Germany is really lovely, though, and has a lot of offer besides shopping.

  4. That's hilarious that the Danes all trek into Germany to buy coca cola.

  5. Hey, you were in my part of the world! I had no idea that had TJ Maxx in Germany.

  6. Don't you guys get coca-cola in Denmark? Or is it so much cheaper in Germany?

    Looks like a fun trip!

  7. When we went down to Germany last year we completely missed the exit the first time around because my husband knew/remembered that the exit was right after border control. We must have driven back and forth across the border three or four times trying to figure out how to get to that big mall thing.

    The "ladies parking" is an odd concept. I mean, hey, sexism in my favor, I'll take advantage of that, but why ladies only? How about "parents with small screaming children parking"? I've always wanted airplanes to have a section like that.

  8. I can laugh about this, because I, too, took a trip to Germany with Peter to buy cheap beer and cheap Coca-Cola!

    I am wondering why they don't have Ladies only parking here in the US? I bet that would help decrease all the assaults and robberies! And I would totally use it.


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