Monday, February 18, 2008


I have a very full head of hair. It's naturally curly, it's blond (most of the time, when it isn't gray), it's long and it's very thick. Wonderful! Wonderful, that is, until I have to have someone cut it and get rid of those pesky grays. I'm a wash and go girl - do not give me any style that requires the use of a curling iron, straightening iron or even a hairdryer. Cut my hair in such a way that I can put in some product and poof, done. If you put a hairdryer to my hair, I will then resemble a lion, rather than a woman, not something I particularly aspire to.

Since moving here in November 2006, I have not yet ventured into a Danish hair salon. Instead I have opted to get my hair done each time I have returned to the states. Eventually I must face my fears and today MAY be the day. The problem is that I'm incredibly bad at explaining what I want to the person responsible for making it happen. Now, to add to that, while the vast majority of Danes do indeed speak English, will they understand my wacky descriptions of what I want and don't want. Will a Dane understand the meaning of "it's too poofy here". (Note to EK - I could do the Texas 'do but if I do, we'll need to get out the pageant dress and talk world peace!)

Coupled with that fear, I have the overall fear of style. I've seen some Danish 'do's and I'm not so sure they're for me. It's the same issue I had in finding new glasses - Denmark has a thing about skinny rectangular frames and since I don't resemble the model wearing it on the poster in the store - they're not for me. But alas, it's pretty much ALL that's available. (An aside... Denmark is not big on variety - you either like what everyone else likes or you're out of luck).

Anyhooo... if I do manage to get up the courage to venture into town and face the scissors, I'll let you know what happens.


  1. DO IT, PING, DO IT!!!! Aw, come on -- it's just a haircut! I say go for the "Danish lady standard," which as we know is a straight chin-length bob with bangs. No muss, no fuss, just like true Danish ladies! If you're feeling really rock-n-roll, I suggest a trip to Germany; then it's all fringy-frangy ka-raaazy 80s asymmetrical kookiness. Steel yourself for how much Dansk hair cutting costs, dear -- SuperCuts don't live here, I'm afraid. Either way, you MUST post a pic!

  2. Poor Ping! I totally understand. I moved to Texas from the northern US11 yrs. ago & I'm still looking for a 'good' haircut. We have friends in Copenhagen & in Justland and none of them have the chin-length-straight-bob-with-bangs. So, be brave and give the Danes a chance.

  3. I chickened out.. of course. And I'm headed west in March so I'll probably end up getting my hair done back there.. again.. I'm truly frightened of the price here!


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