Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Road Trip 2010 - Day 3

I'm already a day behind and it's only day 4 of the trip!  Let's catch up now....

Day 3 was all about Prague! If you have not been here, the one thing you really need to know is that this city is all cobblestone, and if you want to see Prague Castle - it's all about the hills. Our hotel was within walking distance of Prague Castle... if you're a mountain goat!

Honestly, it was rough, but we survived the climb and Ole survived my whining and we made it up to the top in time for the changing of the guard.

Prague Castle is huge. For most of the buildings, you need tickets, so we did the big ticket.  The ticket sales people attempted to convince us that we needed to buy the Audio Tour, for another 500 Czech Kroner each, or we would end up standing in line at the St. Vitus Cathedral for up to 2 hours.  Ole then tried to tell her that if he didn't buy it, he could make 500 Czech per hour that he stood in line.   He was being difficult, and she didn't understand him (shock) but we convinced her we would be fine without the audio.  As it turns out, there was no line by the time we went to the cathedral so ... we win!

This is a view from the stairs leading down from the castle.  This was about 4-5 flights down, with more to go, as you can see...

We then went from the castle to the Old Charles Bridge.  I think our bodies were screaming in pain too much to truly enjoy things by this time but I am glad we went!  This is a view of the castle from the bridge...

And this is us, exhausted!...

We returned to our hotel, and then later headed out to the local shopping mall for dinner.  I had a very tasty pizza and then we crashed.

I will catch up with Day 4 as soon as I have the energy!


  1. YEAH, you did the "get together and extend your arm with the camera" picture!! :-) And it looks good!!

    And I love that you had pizza...was it REAL pizza like we found in Poland?! :-)

  2. Oh I so want to go to Prague!! Looks like I'll have buy some sensible walking shoes before then, though.


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