Wednesday, November 11, 2009

I can vote!

Something very exciting arrived in the mail today - and something that I didn't expect would be fully automated!

As of November 8, 2009, I have been in Denmark for 3 years. My 'official' residency actually began on the day we applied for it, which means Denmark says I've been here since August 2006, but November is when I actually got here. But that's neither here nor there.

I had heard a rumor that said once I'd been a resident for 3 years I would be able to vote in local elections, but I figured I would have to go apply or register or something. Then suddenly, in today's mail, came this:

This is my voter's card and on November 17, I will get to vote in Denmark for the local elections. I get a voice in who will become the next 'borgmester' for our 'kommune' (county), which is kind of the equivalent of a mayor. Now I just have to figure out who's running, what they stand for, and all that good stuff. Unfortunately, they don't send a big voter's pamphlet like we get in the states!

Coincidentally, this is the same day as the writing portion of my Danish language exam so it's going to be a big day!


  1. Oh my god this is SO exciting!! That is the one thing I felt like we really "gave up" when we moved...the right to vote, but wow, I had no clue we would get it after only 3 years!!!

    Now you have to figure out whom to vote for!

  2. I know - isn't it great? I love being able to vote in 2 countries! And the fact that you don't have to just lands in your letterbox and you're all set. Now THAT is a beautiful thing.

  3. Kelli - I'm pretty sure it's just the local elections but I love the fact that we get to vote!

    Jennie - It is great. The automation of it is wonderful too - what a nice surprise!

  4. I take it you can't vote nationally? I supposedly can vote locally too but have yet to see a ballot.

  5. I think you only get to vote locally. I get to vote in the Euro elections as well.

  6. Wonderful news! An exam.. and voting! At last you'll have a say in your new country.


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