Saturday, October 10, 2009

A Tale of Two Lexis

You know how, on Facebook, when one of your friends comments on another person's photos, sometimes those photos show up on your own sidebar? For example, I have seen literally hundreds of pictures of Leonbergers because Amy own Leonbergers and happens to be friends with lots of other people who own Leonbergers. (I honestly never knew there were so many Leonbergers in the world!)

So one day I'm surfing Facebook and I suddenly see a picture, in my sidebar, of a dog that looks amazing similar to one of my own. A friend had commented on this woman's dog, which placed that picture into my own sidebar, and as soon as I saw the picture I had to take a look. Upon opening the picture, I nearly fell off my chair - the dog's name was Lexi, and for those who read my posts regularly, you know that MY dog's name is Lexi.

Ready to be a bit freaked out?

This is the 'other' LexiThis is my Lexi
This is the 'other' LexiThis is my Lexi

My Lexi is not a purebred dog, by any means! And that's what makes this all the more unusual, at least to me. Lexi's mother is a purebred golden retriever, and her father is a black labrador. The two dogs were bred and when the puppies popped out looking like neither mom or dad, it was then determined that the black labrador was part german shepard; hence Lexi's coloring.

After I saw the pictures of the 'other' Lexi, I just had to write a note to the woman who owned this dog. She wrote back after comparing the pictures and was as surprised as I was how similar the dogs appeared. But wait... there's more!

The 'other' Lexi with a catMy Lexi with my cat, Petey
The 'other' Lexi with a black labrador friendMy Lexi with my Zoe

I will leave you with one last bit of trivia about the two Lexi's - their birthdays:

My Lexi: June 7, 2008
The 'other' Lexi: Born June 1, 2008

Yep, 6 days apart.


  1. Oh man, that is seriously uncanny. Who would have thought this would be possible?

  2. This is so cool and cooler that the lady wrote back. I saw a dog who looked just like mine with a white patch at the exact same spot on the heart, I wrote the owner wanting to be dogsisters, but she never write back :(

  3. There's a mirror of your household out there! Gaaaah! LOL--that is uncanny. But rather cool, too!

  4. Well, they say that everyone has a twin - guess the same goes for animals?

  5. Lexi has a doppeltgänger, that is so cool and strange at the same time. :)

  6. Cue the Twilight Zone music!! LOL

  7. Wow, that is freaky!!! Both beautiful dogs, but how uncanny!!! Hope you added this woman as your friend on Facebook so you can follow along with her Lexi!!! Where does the other Lexi live??
    Oh and I really hope you aren't getting your fill of Leos from being my friend on FB!!! ;-))
    Have a great Saturday!!

  8. Everyone else has already beat me to what I was gonna I shall just say that is weird!

  9. I saw my doppelganger at a bowling alley in London. I kept thinking I was looking in a mirror and adjusting my hair. THESE DOGS MUST MEET ;)


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