Thursday, May 7, 2009

Random Observations

Now that I'm one breast short of a whole oven stuffer roaster, I felt it was time to give you some random observations of my new world.

Goose bumps - or lack there of
Given that the process of removing a lymph node also entailed cutting some nerves, I have just discovered that there is a part of my right arm that lacks goose bumps. I was cold and about to jump into the shower and as I rubbed my arms in a feeble attempt at warmth, there it was - a goose bump free area. Weird, eh?

Free pre-stuffed bras
One of my benefits of surgery was a free bra. This thing is like putting on some old-fashioned corset - there are 7, yes 7, hooks up the front of the bra. I would love to know who exactly determined that 7 would be the magic number. I can tell you that getting all 7 hooked is a bit of a challenge... hook the first few and by the time you get to the rest, a few previously hooked have slipped free. It's a test of will!

One half of the bra is currently stuffed with cotton so that I don't look all lopsided when I venture out in public. This means that after I finally do manage to get all those hooks hooked, I then get to "reshape" my cotton side - it tends to get a little lumpy at times. Eventually I will get something better to fill the bra, but I have to wait until my incisions are healed before I can go for my first official boob fitting.

I have learned more about filler boobs then I ever thought possible, but we'll save that for a later time! Okay, okay, I'll give you one preview - did you know they make one just for swimming? You can wear the normal one to swim but if you swim regularly (like several times per week), they recommend that you get the special swimmer's boob. Apparently it all has to do with the manner in which water flows through your suit as you're swimming. Who thinks of these things?

As in a Secret of the deodorant variety. At the present time, due to the physical inability to get in there, I am unable to apply deodorant to my right side. So, just as a cautionary warning to you.. if you're standing near me, you may wish to stand on my left.

And about that - apparently I should wear aluminum-free deodorant in the future. Given the lack of deodorant selection in this country, finding such a thing could be quite a challenge. What is it exactly with the lack of solid sticks in this market? Do Danish women actually prefer the cold goop of a roll-on or the frozen blast of a spray? Or is there something in the sticks that isn't permitted by the government here? This is one of those 'weird' things expats are left to wonder about. Oh well, the deodorant I use now all came from the states, so I guess I'll just have to purchase a different kind on the next trip!


  1. deodorant has aluminium in it? who knew? i think its time for me to go organic. Speaking of which, thats probably where you could find the 'aluminium free' deodorant. or just say the magic words, 'okologisk produkter' to the Matas sales assistant.

  2. The only stick I've found here (that I wish to use) is from the health food store. Don't remember the brand, but the clary sage smell is a great pick me up!

    Loving the new vocabulary! "Boob fitting". "Swimmer's Boob". What a hoot! :-)

  3. What are these deodorant sticks? I'm envisioning something like glue sticks in my mind. :))

  4. We have all the American brands of deodorant here in Sweden including Dove, which I believe is the most gentle. Let me know if you want some Patti and I'll mail you one!

  5. You know, when I lived in Denmark I had my mom send me my favorite American brands, because I don't like the spray-on kind. But Peter hates the stick deodorant here in the US because he is used to the spray-on. So whenever we go back to DK he stocks up on his favorites. :-)

  6. Ah, I knew Urtekram must have something suitable, and I think I've found it here. Good luck with all the adjustments. The no goose bump thing is really wild!

  7. If you order from Amazon, there are a number of aluminum free deodorants available. They're fairly pricey, but at least they exist.

    Another option is to make your own. Mix equal parts baking soda and cornstarch, then slowly add your favorite essential oil until it gets to the consistency you desire. Put it in a sealed container and use your fingers to smooth it on. Then just rub the excess into your hands as a lotion.

    I'm a good friend of the Archaeogoddess who has been lurking around reading your blog. Your story has really caught my attention, and I think about you often and send you good thoughts. Hope that's not too weird...

  8. Gotta get a visual of the swimmers boob!!! LOL
    I think I may google that one!

    But the goose bump thing.. .wow... who would have EVER thought!

  9. I love Urtekram! My husband suffers from severe dermatitis in the winter and the scent-free organic soap cleared it right up. Brilliant stuff and you can get it in most stores (yeah!!).

    Why can't you use a deodorant with aluminum? Should we all be switching? (Momentary panic sets in.)

    Weird about the goosebumps! And the swimmer's boob!! I googled it and got many things that were NOT about swimmers boobs. Sigh.

  10. Hi. It sounds like you're recovering well. I had my mastectomy/reconstruction in December. I had the same thing with goosebumps, and was told it's because those areas were still numb. You are so lucky you didn't have to deal with the drain, that was really yucky for me, lol. Feel free to contact me if you need anything or want someone to talk to. Take care.

  11. Hi there.... My husband is going to the States in a few days. Tell me a deodorant brand and I'll add it to his list. I can pass it along to Kelli if I see/meet her first. :) ...or anything else. :)

  12. LUSH mail order make a really great selection of skin kindly deodorants. I don't think there is any such thing as a skin friendly anti sweat thing though....


  13. I hate spray on deoderant! And aluminum is worrisome but at least it's been around for a while, whereas the new alternatives might turn out to be scarier. What a shame people have to smell bad without dangerous chemimcals. Glad to hear you're feeling good.


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