Saturday, February 14, 2009

Your tax dollars at work...

Thursday evening, at approximately 5 pm, this brick was officially plonked down on my desk by Ole, who declared "They can't just DO that!". Ahh, but they can, and they did. Yep, the wonderful IRS has spent who knows how much money to send a ream of paper, postmarked through Auckland, New Zealand (still trying to figure that one out), all the way to cold, dark Denmark. Every sheet of paper contained in this brick is also available via the internet, which, as it turns out, is exactly how I obtained all the forms last year and filed them.

To all the US taxpayers out there that may think this is wasteful spending, rest assured, I have to send far more money back to the US than it cost to send that ream of paper to me. Apparently someone, somewhere, wants to make it very clear that: 1. they know I owe them money, and 2. they know where I live.



  1. And suddenly I feel grateful that I only made a whopping $1,000 last year. It was a grant, so non-taxable income, and once again, I'm not filing.

    Although, come to think of it, I wouldn't mind filling out the forms and paying my taxes if it meant that I was actually making money. Money... I miss you! Come back!!

  2. your life is complicated because you actually make money...unlike some of us!!! LOL Have fun!

  3. I had the same thoughts when I got mine in the mail!

    *adds to the grumbling*

  4. don't the taxes you pay to Denmark balance what you would have to pay in the US?
    Or are we the only suckers who pay more taxes to Norway than even the IRS can possibly imagine, and they just stamp "paid' on our taxes every year because, let's face it, we ALREADY got screwed by Norway? (They still make us file, though. Grrrr...)

  5. If.. if I worked for a danish employer than anything I pay here would offset the US Taxes. However, since I'm technically 'self-employed' according to the US, they sting me with the self-employment tax :(

    It's double taxation but neither country wants to own up to it, unfortunately. We'll keep fighting though!

  6. wow...
    I am a DK citizen living in the US. I do pay taxes in the US and yeah that's a good bit of paperwork compared to DK. However since I am not living in DK I am not paying taxes in DK. Don't even get any paperwork to fill out since I didn't make any money in DK.


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