Monday, February 9, 2009


SNOW!! Okay, it's not much snow, but it's something! I had to take some quick pictures before it all melted away. The pups are loving it. :)


  1. Ahhhh....what breed are they? The top one looks like a mix- but they are adorable- understand completely how they love the snow- I have four here who can't get enough of it!!! Hope they get to enjoy it awhile!!!

  2. The top one is Lexi - her mother is a golden retriever and her dad is a black lab that has a touch of shepard. She is 8 months.

    The bottom one is Zoe - a 'formula one' lab, and she is 2 years old.

  3. Too cute.

    I got ya about the table settings (post below). I have ten thousand teaspoons now and have given up.


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