Saturday, January 3, 2009

Bah Humbug

There are more Christmas updates to come but allow me to interject today's tale.

I woke up quite ill. Ole took the dogs to the other end of the house and I decided to remain in bed - this is something that I never do, but I just couldn't get myself out of that bed. When I finally did get up, it was 12:20 pm, so I stumbled into the shower hoping that it would make me feel human again. It worked, somewhat. However, it used up every ounce of energy that my body could muster up, so after showering, I put myself on the couch and ended up sleeping again for over an hour.

I finally decided that perhaps getting out of the house and into the air may make me feel a bit better so off to the Hundeskov we went. We had a nice walk around the hundeskov but I was running out of steam quickly so we decided to head home. Upon exiting the hundeskov, we found that we now had a flat tire.. argh.

Having before changed this exact tire myself, we thought no biggie, let's just change it and get home. If only life were that simple. The stupid tire would NOT come off the car - we pulled, tugged, pulled, tugged - nothing - it wouldn't budge. Luckily we have Falck, the equivalent of AAA in the states - so we called. And, naturally, they said it could take up to an hour. Waaaa.

The guy did finally arrive, he pounded the tire with a piece of wood and a mallet and eventually the stupid thing came free, the spare was put on, and we were able to come home again.

Now I sit, drinking some juice, hoping to recover from whatever ails me before Monday rolls around.

There is some good news in all of this - since we were just in the states, I do have some Nyquil now so at least I will be able to sleep peacefully tonight. :)


  1. oh no..... We have all had that same thing... They call it the Roskilde syg.... you have fever, chills, no energy and you are SICK...either out one end or the other... our nephew and brother in law were first...then Mads and then Me.. people are sick all over Midtjylland! I pray yours passes quickly!

  2. oh and the fact that you attempted to change that tire yourself.......yeah, I am totally impressed.
    I would not know the first thing about that...other than to call for help! LOL

  3. Hope you are feeling much better now! And less tire-d!

  4. I had that same thing a couple of weeks ago. And I feel awful, with no energy. I didn't even want to eat.

    I hope you feel much better!

  5. Hello Patti, I have set my blog to invite only so if you would send me your email address (to babsindk at gmail) then I can get blogger to invite you to read :)


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