Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Patti, Pizza, Packaging, a PC and a Plethora of Pups

So yep, this is what I had for dinner last night. It's no Stouffer's French Bread Pizza mind you, but it wasn't horrible, and not nearly as awful as the local pizzaria's death by pizza (it's that bad). Fifteen minutes from freezer to plate - that's my kind of cooking! Snuggled myself onto the couch, pizza in hand, and watched some TV with the pups.

One thing I love about product packaging in Europe is all the languages that must be squeezed onto the box. There's not much room left for these companies to do any kind of fancy promotion on the package - the entire box must be covered in instructions unless they choose to make separate boxes for each country, which I would guess could get kind of expensive. Sorry about the shaky picture - it's not easy to hold the camera steady enough to capture that detail!

Finished eating, let the dogs drag me around the block again, played some games on the old PC and finally, snuggled in to bed. I must admit, I slept quite well after having woken up sooooo early!!

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  1. Yeah, I remember not being able to find any decent pizza place when I lived in Denmark. And you know what...I ate that exact frozen pizza brand! I agree...it's not Stouffers, but better than the alternatives!

  2. We have done frozen and fast food outlet pizzas and restaurant pizzas here and felt robbed afterwards.

    And very ill. SUCH a lot of grease they put on, and those suspect over spiced slivers of meat from goodnessknowswhat.

    Now we make all our pizzas at home, we make the base, we make the toppings and they taste YUM! AND it works out a lot lot cheaper (try a third of the price).

    The result is, healthy pizza that tastes good and hasn't empited the purse.

    Geez, I sound like Martha Stewart.

  3. Which of the 32 grocery stores did you get it at? I'm willing to try if it will beat the pizza from down the street. Once our pizza ended up with little hotdogs on it...? Ewww.... kids thought it was cool though

  4. Sounds like you are off to a roaring start!

  5. Babs - We usually make our own pizza as well, but that takes hours (dough rising and all that) and I was doing the freezer to over thing this time around!

    Tara - Bilka!

  6. I still have my pizza head on :)

    To cut the hours of prep for a home made pizza, try pitta breads smothered in ketchup with sliced cheese and 'erb on top.

    It work a treat an me tell no lie.


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