Thursday, November 6, 2008

Looking back..

Two years ago today, I sat in my apartment while two movers went about turning this place into what looked like some massive storage warehouse...

(Notice in the picture above what I insisted would be the LAST thing packed?

(That's my brand new couch all wrapped up in packing paper!)

Somehow they then, magically, took all of the stuff you see above and managed to fit it into one end of a container so that eventually, it looked like this:

And once they drove away, I was left with a vacuum cleaner that I wasn't taking, some cleaning supplies, the 3 very full suitcases that I would take on my flight, 3 cat carriers, and the 4 cats who would occupy said carriers.

I will confess, however, that I left the 4 cats in the apartment and spent the night sleeping at a local motel!


  1. Who did you use for your movers and were you happy with them? In the middle of that task.

  2. I used Southern Winds International to arrange the entire overseas move from Washington state to Denmark and I was very happy with them. The local movers out of Seattle were Continental - which was arranged by Southern Winds.


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