Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dogs gone Wild - again!

As you know we have two incredibly sweet, innocent dogs who never get into any trouble at all!

And, as you also know, I recently traveled to Las Vegas for a week.

These sweet dogs, therefore, had to spend their first whole day 'home alone'. Zoe had done so before but this was a first for Lexi, and the first time they would spend the day together.. by themselves.

Ole put them in the entry way and guest bathroom area with one of their dog beds, several things to chew on, and their water bowl. Apparently the things that were left to chew on either didn't last long enough, or were simply not exciting enough. The following will give you an indication of what he found when he arrived home that first day...


  1. O....M.....G...... Still, it was *lots* of fun and they're very much looking forward to houseminding for you again some day...

  2. When my girly dog was younger she did the same thing. Except she ate an entire sofa!


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