Thursday, October 2, 2008

chirp chirp chirp

We're computer geeks. We have lots of electronic equipment strewn about the house. Something, somewhere, in this house is chirping at me. It's a new chirp, something I haven't heard before, so that eliminates the smoke alarms or the phones. It's making me crazy. When I get up to investigate said chirp, it stays quiet. When I sit back down at my desk hoping to forget about it... 'chirpy chirpy chirpy'.

Where are you?
WHAT are you?
What is your issue??


  1. Just like 'Sara Palin' thinks Global Warming is 'God's way of 'hugging us closer', I think this is God's way of telling you he'd like to send you over the edge - just for fun :)

  2. Maybe you need to get out for the weekend- get some fresh air and away from the house! "Yes maam, step away from the machine."

  3. but just think...being computer geeks is what led you to each other...
    a match made in cyber space...

  4. Did you check under your chair? maybe you need a new chair... check out Kelli's blog for a way to pick up your new chair from IKEA! :-)

    NQD, your comment is funny!

  5. Chirp found - chirp fixed - apparently we own some palm pilot type gadget - who knew?


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