Thursday, October 16, 2008

Arrival Update

So I did manage to make it to Las Vegas as planned - 3 planes is very tough on the back though! I have pics and things but alas, I have no way to get them from the camera to the laptop as I, of course, didn't bring that one little cord! I'll save them for later.

When I landed at Minneapolis I was supposed to use my fun new danish cell phone to send a text message back home - problem is that the fun new phone wanted a pincode before I could get back into it - and umm, you guessed it, I didn't have said pincode with me. Sigh.

So I figured, okay, when I arrive in Las Vegas, I'll send an Email home and get the pincode that way. Minor problem - the 'wireless' connection that is available in the hotel, doesn't work! I hate being disconnected from everything! I couldn't use the phone and I couldn't use the internet - this is a sure way to cause me a nervous breakdown!!

I had to use the room phone to call home so I'm sure that will be an extremely frightening phone bill, but I got the pin code and was able to check in with my wonderful hubby. :)

After 3 phone calls to Lodgenet and over 2 hours of my time wasted on the phone, I finally decided to use some other wireless network that was appearing in the list and voila, here I am. I have internet again - happy dance!!! The most frustrating part is that this particular network is actually cheaper than what the hotel was offering - go figure.

My google reader is now bursting with unread posts and updates from around the globe - don't know when Ill get to them all but I am very happy to just know that I actually can get to them!


  1. Glad you arrived safely - even with a sore back. It's so hard in First Class! :) Don't worry about the internet bill, you'll win the money, you will! :))

  2. Are you back in Denmark. I was born in Denmark and now live in California.


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