Saturday, September 13, 2008

Reese's and other updates

Okay so, the gas station where I found the Reese's peanut butter cups.. at the time that I found them it was some weird combination of letters, like XL, or YL or something like that. But, since that day, the old sign came down, new sign went up, along with an announcement that the shop will be closed for the next 3 weeks or so. New sign? "Shell/7-11". Yeppers, Viborg's getting a 7-11. Yeehaw!

The day I bought those Reese's, I was chatting with the clerk about how shocked I was to see them. And he kept saying, we have 'gaadaaaraaada' also. Having no clue what he was actually trying to tell me, I just gave the little grin like I knew. It was at that moment that my classmate said to me "He said, 'gatorade'". Woah - when good pronunciations go bad! I hope that's not what my Danish sounds like to them.

Anyhoo, I'm babbling and probably making NO sense at all, blame my cold. And about that, I dug through every single suitcase we own, unzipped all those little hidden pockets, and managed to find packets of Dayquil stuffed in one my suitcases. Whew! "Vaek I Morgen" was a big fat lie! The cough syrup was okay, but a bit of an odd taste. The vapo-rub stuff.. well.. it basically made Lexi want to lick me - which wasn't really the plan and probably not good for the pup!

Am I healthy? Nope, wouldn't go that far. But, I'm alive, and I'm feeling a wee bit more human, so it's a start! And, oh yeah, took my module 3 test in this condition so we'll see if I managed to write an 'opslag' and 'svar et brev' well enough to actually pass the darn thing. I'll find out Tuesday.

And now I must go find something to do with myself (which will probably involve downloading some new game from BigFish and using up the free hour in well, an hour).

p.s. Please forgive the most non-sensical post I've ever written.


  1. Oh see... I TOTALLY get you... this is the girl that spent $30 on Kiracle Whip & Fritos just because I was SOOO excited that I found them.
    $40 for a case of Mountian Dew in Sweden? Umm, yep that would be me! You need to help Kelli find some cream of anything soup!

  2. Hehe. I hope you get better soon. Reminds me of something someone showed us on youtube this week about a man with a cold :)

    About the gatorade, isn't it funny. I had something like that happen to and she was looking at me as if I was stupid but how do you get 'gehd-eh-ræthe' out of gaterade??

    Good luck with the cold. Actually, I think it is a nasty one. There were quite a few off work with it this week.

  3. Now it's my turn to get sick, unfortunately.

    the heater is not on yet (it's central heat from the apartment complex) and now i'm shivering in my bedroom


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