Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Am I seeing what I think I'm seeing!?

My sprogskole moved to a new location this fall and we're all slowly adjusting. The building itself is far nicer, however, the old school sat right next door to Netto - and we're all missing that wonderful convenience. Nothing like speed shopping while on a 10-15 break from class!

The new school is in a more industrial area but I had noticed that there was a gas station a short walk away and that the gas station had one of those little markets. So today during break I decided to go check it out and much to my delighted shock, I found something that I thought I would NEVER find in Denmark. Ladies and gentleman, I present to you.. REESE'S!!


Ahh, a little piece of heaven in my Danish world. Don't get me wrong, I'll be the first to admit that European chocolate is much better than what we're used to in the states. But, this is Reese's, and for me, this is the equivalent to Ole's obsession with Anton Berg marzipan bars. I love these things. But.. I'm scared to open it. Hvorfor?? Well, Reese's peanut butter cups can be really good, or really really bad, depending on how fresh they are upon purchase. Old Reese's cups are disastrous, the peanut butter gets all dry and gross. But a fresh one? Det er dejligt! If you're ever in the US in October, when the stores stock up for Halloween, this is the absolute best time to purchase Reese's - all those special Halloween packages were made specifically for that shopping period, so there's no risk that it's been sitting on a dusty candy rack for too long.

Probably more than you needed to know. Time now to open that package - wish me luck!
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  1. REESE!!!!
    I love em. I got my American classmate to bring back a stack for me when she went home last summer. And you are saying I can get them in Denmark? Fantastic!

  2. I agree about how horrid they can be when they're old. I also miss candy corns during halloween.

  3. They were fresh and they were fantastic. At the moment, I cannot seem to remember which gas station chain it was, but I'll look again tomorrow evening and will post the name of the shop.

  4. I am so excited.. before you know it, I will walk into a store and see JIF CREAMY PEANUT BUTTER! maybe the Reeses is a sign!

  5. GAH!!! Okay... You can totally have my can of pumpkin puree. SEND! REESES! LOTS!

  6. So funny... I found Reese's the other day in the little kiosk right by where I work... went back today & they were gone could be that they moved them? Can't see that many Norwegians being jazzed about them. You are so right about Reese's... I am always afraid I am going to get a "bad one" kinda like getting bad fruit... Ewww


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