Thursday, August 14, 2008

My head hurts

This evening was the first day 'back to school' for me and after 2.5 hours of danish class, my head hurts.

I have school every Tuesday and Thursday evening for what feels like now to eternity. While I do get encourages every now and then and feel like maybe I'm actually getting somewhere with all of this, I still, for the life of me, cannot understand my own husband when he speaks Danish. One of my teachers says that it's probably Ole's accent that is the issue - I don't know, but I know I can't understand him :(

School isn't horrible, but it definitely takes a strain on my brain! It's the constant concentration that gets me. If I let my mind wander for even a moment, I have missed something that my teacher said and at that point, my brain sort of switches over to that 'huh???' setting.

I'm sure going to miss my free evenings!


  1. So true, Ping! I find that I understand some people much more easily than others and I am now beginning to realise it must depend on where they come from. Even watching TV. I can understand one news reader not too badly and another may as well be speaking Mandarin. I can also sympathise about the weeknight studying but I also find every couple of months you have some sort of break-through. Nothing earth shattering but a few more things begin to make sense.

  2. I FEEL YOUR PAIN! Which sprogcenter are you going to?! Is there one in Karup?

  3. It's the Viborg Sprogskole. Not that I had a choice in the matter, but I think if I had attended Herning that would've been a bit dangerous - isn't it sitting right in the shopping center there?

  4. The worst of it is that the graduated students from sprogskole (having completed all five modules) still complain that they dont understand Danish. No light at the end of the tunnel there.

  5. Paula!!! That is NOT what I wanted to hear!


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