Monday, August 4, 2008

Fast Friends

Any worries that we had about bringing a new puppy into the house have now officially vanished. I am delighted to report that Zoe has accepted her little sister with open paws and they simply cannot get enough of each other. It's the sweetest darn thing!

This first picture is from day one with Lexi - it was pretty hot and Zoe's little pool was simply delightful!

Yesterday the two of them played together really well. Zoe definitely has moments where she is just so excited by her playmate that she gets a bit too crazy and carried away, but for the most part, they're just having tons of fun.

Last evening as we sat at our computers Zoe and Lexi were on the floor between us having a little tug over a small rawhide stick. Zoe has new found interest in many things she had grown bored with previously - if Lexi wants it, then Zoe suddenly must have it as well. LOVE the paw to the eye!

A little while later when they both became thoroughly exhausted by the action, Zoe curled up on the doggie bed. Lexi promptly decided to join her - this was not staged, Lexi did this totally on her own! Zoe, on the other hand, wasn't quite sure what to do about it...

But just a moment later, going for the 'cute pic of the week' award - Zoe simply placed one paw over Lexi and settled in for a bit of a snooze.


  1. Oh that is magnificent to see - and a relief no doubt. They look very happy together.

  2. ok that last pic... you must print it and frame it! Absolutely precious!!!!


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