Wednesday, July 30, 2008


Okay, please allow me 5 minutes to post a very big whine!

Can someone please explain to me why a modern society cannot figure out that windows should come with screens on them! It makes me crazy. Every time that I mention this little "issue" to my Danish family they tell me that I can buy something at Sylvan or Bauhaus that I can attach to my windows with Velcro, etc. Obviously, this is coming from people who have never lived with built-in screens.

I did a bit of research after spotting an ad one day for "Insektnet - med pollenfilter". It looked like a dream come true - finally, someone gets it! Well, their product would be the dream come true, if they got the price down to a reasonable level. I can't even begin to calculate what it would cost to put screens on every window and door of this house.

So, for the time being, in this little heat wave we're having - I am instead taking time to whine about these DAMN flies that keep divebombing me!


  1. OMG! I was going to post this VERY SAME blog !!! TOO FUNNY! I freaking hate the flies! Mads did not even own a fly swatter when I got here... WE QUICKLY remedied that! I do NOT understand why there are no screens!

    And here is a new twist...not only do we have flies everywhere, but yesterday a bee came in..and I GOT STUNG!

    Lord, I hate insects! I have asked about screens but he looks at me like I have 3 heads! LOL

  2. Ouch on the sting!

    I have bees in my office because right outside the office window are hydrangeas and the bees love them. I choose to pretend they are not there and just hope they fly out again!


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