Sunday, March 30, 2008


I think that in this vast land of winter darkness, when spring time arrives and the clocks are finally moved that hour forward, you appreciate the light that much more. Winter in Denmark is dark - we're talking sunrise 10am, sunset 3pm, dark. It's brutal. So, alas, the clocks have sprung forward and here I sit at 6:20 pm vastly appreciative of the light! While there isn't much sun to speak of today, it's up there somewhere, and it hasn't even considered setting itself away just yet. THIS.. I love :)

Welcome back Sir Sunshine!


  1. Oh gosh. SO am I!! Isn't it fantastic? It so light and bright and it's not far off bed time :) The good thing about being in darkness for a few months is you appreciate this so much more. I found in the winter, I was hitting the wine bottle just that little bit earlier... :)

  2. I so agree! Just the fact that I can sit and work at 7pm without needing to turn on lights is wonderful!

  3. And you know what else? STRAWBERRIES are in the grocery stores now!!!! How completely beautiful! (And this is coming from a Seattleite for whom gray is the primary color October-April...)


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